you brought me back
to some obscure memory
i’d learned to block out
only after months of sharp pains
to the sides of my ribs.
you brought it to my lips again,
cold and refreshing,
inviting and chilled
to the perfect degree for consumption.
my lips part for your promises,
your lofty dreams.
i inhale,
hold my breath.
my lungs burn and burn,
and i look for your eyes.
but instead it all goes black
and your words are coiling
around my fragile neck
and the only thing I feel
are the sides of my ribs
bleeding out again

Installation of drawings by David Shrigley at The Gallery Restaurant at Sketch, London. Interior design by India Mahdavi.



SELENITE (Calcium Sulfate) from Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. Crystals of clear “satin spar” gypsum .